Donnerstag, 9. September 2010



Through involvement in this European project the school aims, through the planning and implementation of activities as music, art and theatre, to rediscover and enhance the local traditions and the costums of each partner country. Meet new countries, and new people from different cultural is essential to improve the availability to intercultural dialogue, to understand the hardships of other situations and respect for the identity and values of others. We believe strongly in peace, with respect and friendship between countries. We believe that the participation in the Comenius project will increase, in children and staff, a desire to get closer to new communication systems (language, iconic, computer ...).
In kindergarten is almost a custom play with tales using music: traditional tales that even little ones know where the children found all conflicts, fears, struggles and ransoms that help to grow.

Using music together with tales offers, in fact, the possibility of expanding the potential emotions, create atmosphere, evoke feelings, playing with rhymes. The fairy tale lends itself to be the starting point of several learning pathways.

Through this project we want to bring children to the traditions, customs and costumes of their region to make them aware of their cultural identity. Try also to be born and grow in their interest to improve learning, broaden horizons and develop knowledge of other viewpoints, lifestyles and cultures

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