Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Lo Strano Nascondiglio. Primary School Moriondo T.SE Italy

The Happy Elf Bambilla plays with his friends through the streets of Moriondo ... when suddenly a strange thing happens, Paul is no longer. Try to look here and there, Paul is not. Bambilla, understand that Paul was definitely made ​​to disappear or to be a fairy or a witch. While trying sees a written law and suddenly finds himself on an enchanted island inhabited by a fairy, Candrina, very angry because the bad guys have broken the flute which he was very fond. So from that day all the children, who stopped in front of the column in the village square of Moriondo to read the inscription, were transformed into animals, butterflies, ladybugs, elephants, monkeys and even flowers. Bambilla Candrina convinced to give him his flute, promising him that would adjusted, but in exchange would have to return Candrina Paul. Bambilla, received the flute fly and reach the master's house cats, a lover of music. The teacher adjusts the flute quickly and returns to the island by Bambilla Candrina. The fairy keeps his promise to Bambilla and with a snap of the fingers is back Paul. Paul returned the children of that country continued to play happy and everyone lived happily ever after.
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