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Italy is a parliamentary republic located in Southern Europe, with a population of 60.7 million inhabitants and the capital Rome. Bounded by the arc mountain bordered to the north, from west to east, with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, the rest of the territory, surrounded by the Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic, jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, occupying the Italian peninsula and numerous islands (the largest are Sicily and Sardinia), for a total of 301.336 km ².

Piedmont is a region in north-west of 4,462,432 inhabitants with capital Turin.
Piedmont means the foot of the mountain (pedemontium), so called because it is surrounded on three sides from the mountains of the Western Alps and the Ligurian Apennines. The hilly areas are the Canavese, the Langhe and Roero northwest, Monferrato in the middle, and Tortona hills to the south-east.


The hills of Monferrato

The sixteenth-century Arco is the main monument and the "symbol of town of Chieri (TO)

The castle of Moriondo Torinese.

Islet Lake Arignano

Castle Andezeno

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