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Maria Montessori

Daughter of Alexander Montessori Stoppani Renilde born in a house at number 10 in Piazza Mazzini, in the province of Ancona.
Since the early years of study expresses interest in science subjects. He joined the Faculty of Medicine, University "La Sapienza" choice that will become one of the first women to graduate in medicine in 1896, after the unification of Italy. Mary is a very capable student, so that will win a prize of a thousand pounds by the Foundation Rolli for a job in general pathology. In 1895 Maria won a place of "added in medicine" of the hospitals with the right to enter the Society Lancisiana reserved for doctors and professors of the hospitals of Rome. His resume is excellent hygiene, psychiatry, pediatrics and materials that will underpin its future choices. In the years prior to his graduate study commitments is increasingly oriented toward research in the laboratory and experimental observation in the halls of the asylum hospital of Santa Maria della Pieta of Monte Mario. During the preparation of his thesis he attended the lectures of physical anthropology (or biological).

The Montessori method starts from the study of children with mental health problems,

expanding the study of education for all children.

The basic principle must be the freedom of the student. In 1907 he founded in Rome the first children's home.

Maria Montessori was the first and only Italian woman who was paid a bill,
Maria Montessori was depicted on the banknote of 1,000 Italian lire, replacing Marco Polo, until Italy adopted the euro.

On the occasion of the "Montessori Centenary Conference" ("Before the children's home") was issued a commemorative stamp.

Montessori Material for cognitive development.

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